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About Us


24-7_logo_20040809115005 The Skinny

This 24-7, planted in Charlotte, USA in 2005, is a local expression of a global Prayer movement called 24-7 Prayer. We serve as a catalyst for movements of Christ-centered prayer, mission, & justice. Instigating vertical dialogue & a goodness revolution - This is what we do. Cross-denominational. Cross-Cultural. Wildly Creative: This is how we roll. See side links to learn more about 24-7 Prayer around the globe. Keep reading below to learn more about this local 24-7.


grove The Story

 The burning bush that caught the eye of a guy named Moses was really just an on-ramp; A culturally relevant means to get the attention in ways that lead to fully engaged conversation with God. Moses walked toward that bush out of curiosity & peaked interest, but he walked away with a life-altaring encounter, & a mad mission to cultivate friendship with God & help bring justice & generosity to people in great need.

missionThis 24-7, an urban burning bush, is called to be a fueling station for the city's spiritually hungry,  a resource for the churches, & a goodness revolution among those most marginalized & exploited. We use creative & culturally relevant means to instigate movements of prayer, mission, & justice. The vision is Jesus. Undeniably, Jesus. And we exist to express the message of the kingdom in ways that evangelize the lost & the church back to God, to help equip denominations, churches, ministry leaders, & ordinary Janes & Joes in prayer & spiritual formation practices that consistently lead to encountering God's heart, bearing His likeness, & carrying out His Life's work in the context of their own unique callings. We  also apprentice individuals & organizations in lifestyles integrating sacred social activism among the most marginalized & needy.  



The Starting Place 

How Can We Serve You? Take a look at what God has called us to in the context of Prayer, Mission, & Justice - And learn how we can help in what He's called you to. Because if we're not helping you fulfill your call, then we're not fulfilling ours.


The Values

We're committed to these values. They are strongly held globally at all leadership levels.


1. Obedient to the Holy Spirit – Like Jesus, we only seek to do what we see the Father doing. We acknowledge His right to break our rules & offend our sensibilities.

2. Relational – We're a community of friends with shared vision & values.

3. Indigenous – We respect, value, & honor cultural diversity.

4. Inclusive – We work with anyone, provided they share our vision & values, regardless of race, age, gender or church background. We build unity & enjoy diversity.

5. Like Jesus – We seek to be like Jesus in the way we do what we do.

6. Creative & innovative – We embrace God-inspired creativity as integral to authentic expressions of prayer.

7. Just – We pursue justice & freedom from oppression for humanity & the created world.

8. Good Stewards – We take responsibility for ourselves, those around us, & the things God has entrusted to us.

10. Celebratory – We believe Jesus came to bring life to the full & that we have a Christian duty to celebrate all that is good. Fun & laughter are central to 24-7, & we do not need to justify these.