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Prayer Room Staff:


PR staff watches over the prayer room & welcomes visitors coming in to connect with God. PR staff also listens to, prays for, & encourages those who request interaction.





Creative Arts Team:


Help create new ways for visitors to interact with God through engaging visuals, interactive prayer station content, & creative liturgy of all kinds. The goal is to change prayer room content every 4 months.



Prayer Room Closers & Cleaners:

  • Volunteer to swing by & close up the prayer room one or a few times weekly.
  • Sign on to give the prayer room a good cleaning once a month.



Prayer Room Set Up:


We get a lot of requests to create both temporary and permanent prayer spaces in various kinds of Christian venues.

  • Help set up spaces for prayer all across the city.


Join in on the adventure of creating temporary prayer spaces in high traffic public spaces by setting up tables, tents, prayer walls, confessionals, etc, to help people encounter God in places where they hang out.




Prayer Pod Captains:


Now that we've settled into our new location, we're establishing smaller strategically themed prayer gatherings. Lead one of these monthly creative & interactive prayer pods.

Prayer Pod themes listed here.







  • Launching seasons of 24-7 Prayer on local college campuses.
  • Spiritually & practically supporting campus ministry leaders.
  • Providing on-ramps for student involvement in issues & acts of social justice relating to the city's marginalized.

Are you called to lead this arena?


Join this team focused on connecting the city's youth to God through themes of prayer, mission, & justice. We've always carried out this call through partnerships with churches & para-church youth ministries, but we're now expanding to include 24-7 Summer youth camps, youth internships & intensives, youth prayer gatherings & youth-focused spiritual formation resources.




Social Media Team

  • Social Media Team: Posting images & links to what will inspire & equip our missional ranks locally & national.



24-7 Podcasts


24-7 is preparing to launch short podcasts that cut through the noise & serves up succinct, poignant content.

  • Help set up this new podcast arena.





Join the Spiritual Formation Community of 24-7


This community creates all the spiritual formation workshops, gatherings, retreats, intensives & events that help equip people all over the city in the practices that God uses to help them consistenly grow. From this community we also draw all the mentors, disciplers, spiritual directors, & advisors 24-7 makes available to the faith community & ministry leaders through our Spiritual Direction arena.


24-7 Modern Monastic Missional Community Development 

If you know exactly what this means then this area is for you.

Join the development dialogue shaping this into a reality.