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The building of altars meant something for those OT characters who encountered God, & the trajectory of their life was forever shifted. The instruction & interactions that took place at those specific intersections of their journey were true game changers. And in response, they built altars to mark where God opened up their chest, touched their beating hearts, & whispered uncensored truth, course correction, destiny, revelation, & calling into their ear.


What if internships were meant to be like that too?


Places of God-encounters - where it's God Himself talking to you - not just people talking to you about God. Places of not just teaching, but training & equipping, & going & doing, & learning by doing.  Places so altering to the way you do life, that they become worthy of altars.



The Vision Is Jesus.

Dangerously, Obsessively, Undeniably, Jesus.



24-7 Catalyst Internships are based on a call to live out the two great commandments & the one great commission. Our interns learn to cultivate a life of recklessly abandoned, love-sick relationship with God, a wildly missional lifestyle in the world,healthy, loving relationship with even the toughest of imperfect others.


        Interns will experience spiritual growth in

....... God culture of 'knees-dirty' night and

        day worship & prayer, 'hands-dirty justice

        among the city’s poor, & a ‘what fits you best’

        approach to spiritual formation.


You'll Get:


A full-on apprenticeship in prayer, mission, & justice.

Undistracted time soaking in worship, seeking the Lord, learning to discern & listen for His voice.





We offer 1 month,  3 month,  & 5 month long CATALYST Internships.

Catalyst One: P/T 300.  F/T $600

 Catalyst Three:  P/T $800.   F/T $1600

 Catalyst Five:   F/T only. $2500

For all our Internships, candidates may choose thier own start date. There are no refunds on internships once acceptance into the program has been aknwledged & confirmed.



Come invest a dedicated season of your life spent immersing in issues of social justice while learning & serving on the front lines of 1. human trafficking, 2. homelessness, & 3. poverty. This unique internship blends discipleship & spiritual formation personalized just for you, with education, practical equipping, relational community, & hands on work & service among the most marginalized. 

You may choose your area of justice focus,

or experience life & equipping in all 3 arenas.

Justice Internship costs & lengths are

the same as the Catalyst Interships. 



zhopIn times of old, altars have been built where intimacy with God went form spark to blazes, & prayer, mission, & justice initiatives were conceived & commissioned. We seek to provide you with that kind of experience - an internship that's altar worthy. 

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