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Prayer Consult:

  • Want to create a prayer room in your church, or sacred spaces on your church campus? Need help knowing where to start, how to set it up, & pull it off? Whether you're working with a small or a very large space - wanting wildly creative or conservative liturgical, 24-7 can give essential input, create strategy, & guide your process from start to finish.


  • Embed prayer into the rhythms of your church year? Build prayer into the culture of all your community life groups, youth groups, lead teams? From vision casting to creating intensely practical step by step strategy, we can help make it happen. It's what we do.


  • Need help navigating the organization & details that go with putting together a season of nonstop prayer for your church? Whether you want us to handle it for you from beginning to end or just want some good advice on how to do it yourself, consider 24-7 a resource as you think through doing a short or long season of congregational-wide prayer. 

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Spiritual Formation Architecture.

  • We help churches & denominations create a culture of intentional spiritual formation. We also work to design clear, well defined, effective transformational strategies to help congregations transfer deposited truths from hearing to lifestyle.


  • Need safe, confidential, accountability & wise counsel at high leadership level? We currently disciple/mentor Pastors ministry leaders & marketplace leaders from all over the city, helping put out in-house fires, & serving as spiritual coaches in ways that keep them anchored to Christ, accountable, growing, missional, & avoiding burn-out.

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Justice Consult

  • 24-7 can assist you in embedding service to the marginalized into the DNA of your church's culture.


  • We create practical strategies for helping you serve a wide & well rounded range of the city's most marginalized in focused ways your church or church groups can fully vest in wether short term or for the long haul.


  • Let us give you input, fuel, & training to equip you, your leaders, & congregation for the social justice journey as a Christ-centered way of life, not a seasonal fad.


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