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This pretty amazing workshop will take you deep & wide with God & into your own story to help identify & clarify your personal core values. It will help you discern & articulate a unique vision about who you are & are called to be, & what you value most. Then, guide you in establishing practices & rhythms to live more intentionally & more fully into those highest priorities.

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Nov 4th,  Saturday, 9-2pm

Crafting your manifesto is a wise, wild, sacred thing.
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To give attention to detail & story, seating for Manifesto is limited







Stop in at The Prayer Bar to be personally prayed for by our

prayer bartenders who will listen well, discern thoughtfully,

then swing for the fence praying for your specific needs.

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The Prayer Bar is open @The Prayer Room
9am-12pm /  Monday, Thu, Fri, Sat  /  Weekly





The perfect playlist, a set communion table, self-guided

simple liturgy, and plenty of personal space so that,

uninterrupted, & in your own way, you can talk to God

about the hard stuff, face it, and let it go.


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1st Tuesday of every month   /  7am-8am & 7pm-8pm







Boiler Room

For city dwellers who want more out of thier relationship with God.

So. Much. More.


Come experience sacred-uncensored conversation & community with others who connect with 24-7 in some way & are on a journey to be headed after God with all their might & in all their frailty.


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Honest conversation. Story-swapping. Mutual support. Confession & creative liturgy. Quality time in the presence of Christ, & spiritual formation practices to dive into the words of God in interactive ways together.



1st, 2nd, & 3rd Thursdays every month  /  7pm






American Prayer Lab


Join in on these thoughtful conversations & meaningful

times of uncomplicated strategic prayer to release the

Kingdom Of Heaven into the concerns of our nation.


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2nd Saturday monthly / 10am-11am





Become a part of the StoryLab experience.

Turning the homeless into advocates, authors, & paid workers


One Saturday a month, we connect with the city's homeless, capture their stories,

& give them a central role in raising awareness about issues of local homelessness.


We capture to their life-tales of grit & perseverance, pray with them about their current needs, & leave them with a gift card & an opportunity for ongoing paid work as vendor-advocates.


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Many of these stories will become articles in Speak Up magazine & serve to get

more people aware & involved in issues of the Queen City's vulnerably housed.

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Monthly / Saturday / 10am – Noon


Join in as an individual, a family, or a small group.

For more info & to particpate, click here.







Are you interested in serving & loving on the homeless in Charlotte & surrounding communities? Join us for Watchmen Of The Streets homeless visits where we go to homeless encampments to share meals, swap stories, minister to, & hand out basic provisions.

Teams go every 1st & 3rd Tuesdays night of each month.

Text the word: Habit to 68398 for outing details & updates to be sent directly to you.




Click image for info on the 24-7 Prayer International Gathering happening in October 2017


Friday Night Street Ministry

7:30pm - Friday -129 W.Trade St

Everyone is welcome to join in:

A little training, some prayer & then we hit the streets.