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When the leaders over the evangelical churches in Haiti heard the unique vision God gave 24-7 for their nation, they contacted us personally, committed full support & resources, & offered us an unprecedented invitation to come do all that's on our hearts.   It's a mad mission, & the vision is Jesus. Dangerously, obsessively, undeniably, Jesus. Take two minutes to read the stats & strategy. Then, simply respond in a way that fits who you are.


7 Need To Know Facts About Haiti.

 1.} Haiti is one of the least developed yet most densely populated countries in the Western Hemisphere. 2.} Haiti is ranked as one of the 5 most corrupt countries in the world.  3.} It has the highest incidence of HIV/AIDS in the Western Hemisphere. 4.} Almost 50% of the nation is under the age of 16.  5.} Haiti was officially dedicated to Satan in 1791. It was rededicated to Satan during the two hundred year anniversary in 1991 by Aristide. 6.} Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. 7.} Close to 2 billion dollars in humanitarian & fiscal aid has been poured into Haiti since the earthquake of 2010. Over 43% never reached its intended target & is still unaccounted for.  


Year One

Cut the hearts + Unite the clans + Kiss the Son.

1-c2ccc-007Create interactive mobile prayer rooms & launch Haitians, region by region, into a year of intensely strategic, heart-circumcising, nonstop prayer, participated in by both the adults, youth of the nation. 

  • During that 1st riotous trip in May, we connected with ministry leaders across many denominational lines. This trip resulted in about 66.000.00 Haitians committed to participate in a year of night & day prayer.  + The next trip, August 12-18, we spoke at the gathering of evangelical Pastors, put up a model of a prayer room, spoke on the furthest reaching Christian radio station in the nation about the 24-7Prayer revolution coming to help transform the nation from the inside out.  In January we head back to launch 24-7-365Prayer in the nation.

1-c2ccc-004Great favor & grace is on our call of service to Haiti. Therefore, 24-7 has been invited by Haitian denominational leaders to use the rallying of nation's faith community around 365/24-7 prayer as a catalyst to start the process of developing unity among Haiti's church leaders for the advancing of the kingdom. In January, coinciding with the launch of 24-7-365Prayer, we'll meet with & personally minister to each of the participating Pastors in the north region both as a group & one-on-one in order to lay the ground-work for UNITE.



 c2cccLaunch C2C, a church to church adoption program connecting Charlotte's churches to Haiti's churches for ongoing mutual support & strengthening.




1-c2ccc-005Dive the faith community all across the nation of Haiti into one solid year of continuous 'no-strings-attatched' worship. Not worship & prayer. Not worship & warfare. Not worship & intercession. Just worship. By-the-way, this has never been done before - anywhere - ever. How apropos that God would commission this kind of fragrant offering, in this century, & in the nation of Haiti... no less.

Year Two:

  • Revamp spiritual formation strategy for evangelical churches to more effectively make disciples of Christ - living martyrs, practically equipped for the work of the kingdom.

  • Take C2C to the next level by broadening its scope: Start connecting communities in the 24-7Prayer movement across the globe, as well as churches across the nation to Haitian churches & indigenous ministries for mutual support & strengthening.

Year Three:

  • Unleash a new kind of mercy movement centered around the sick, poor, bound, & most needy. Social Justice with a supernatural twist.



  • Recently, Haiti was declared the poorest nation on the planet. Not metaphorically, but literally - the - poorest nation - on-the-planet.  Here's what you can do about that.  1.) Join the 24-7Haiti team. Bring to the table whatever practical skills, compassion, & spiritual passions you have & let God shape & utilize them to help launch this mad mission. It will be a fun, stretching, heart-shifting, wild adventure. And we'd love to have you on board. 2.) Help spread the word. Post a link to this page on your social network pages. Even one post can help connect people who want to get involved. 3.) We need your fiscal support to make it all happen. We're asking you to hit the donate button below & give, even if it's just the amount you'd spend on a latte. You said you wanted to make a difference in this world. Here's a good opportunity. God will turn your donation of any size into a miracle in the making. 
  • THIS NEEDS YOU: Whether as an individual, a family, an organization, a small group, a prayer community, or as a church, if you live anywhere on the globe & have a stirring to help get involved with 24-7 in Haiti,  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it