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“You don’t have to travel to a third-world country to serve the poor.

Look in your own corner of the world, find your own Calcutta,

& pour yourself out into it.”      -Mother Theresa




The Justice Project is a grassroots comprehensive community service initiative, wherein 24-7 invites churches, groups, & ordinary Janes & Joes from all over the city to join us in the adoption of one fragile inner-city neighborhood for 9 months each year, to pour into it all the radical hospitality, relational equity, & kamikaze servanthood needed in order to improve quality of life for every single one of its residents.


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The mission of Justice247 is to create Christ-centered meaningful & impacting one time or short term outreach & service projects tailored to help youth groups, young adult ministries, & church groups of all kinds, get their feet wet or get full-on immersed in doing social justice & loving mercy among a wide range of the city's marginalized & poor.



All 24-7 Justice Initiatives Are:

Organizationally simple.   Relationally driven.  

 Prayer saturated.    Intensely effective.