You are here Justice Justice Details & DNA Note to Pastors

Dear Pastor,

Aside from individuals from all over the city who volunteer with JP,  each year we specifically invite 2-3 churches to sign on their entire church communities, making The Justice Project their chief justice initiative for the year. If you think you want to be interviewed for this upcoming JP, here's some things you need to know: Be forwarned - We're about to make you very very happy...

Our Lead Team have all been Pastors too.  We understand that although your church may really need a cohesive justice/missional ministry, you have to weigh both any new ministry's mission value as well as the amount of responsibility it would add to the usually already taxed administrative side that goes with running a church. This is why during the JP year we manage the entire process for you, from sign up to final celebration. We provide all the administration & all the management that goes with all the participating groups & individuals. From vision-casting to video/social/print media to equipping & fueling volunteers... we handle it all or as much as you'd like us to.  Further, we intentionally respect & embed your church's unique culture into how we roll with your crew & even in how we brand some media.  This is true wether you sign on as an entire church or you simply sign on your entire young adult & youth or small group community.

If we partner together, we'll provide you with regular updates on how things are going, on how your crew is doing, & also put together videos of your people in action as a way to document & have a visual history of God doing justice & mercy through members of your congregation, young & old. 


While Justice Project volunteers will be working to bring transformation into the lives of inner city residents, JP leaders will be working to bring transformation into the lives of the volunteers.  Our goal isn't only to have life embedded into the neighborhood we're serving in, but to have a lifestyle of mercy & social justice embedded into the life of each volunteer. Yeah, this is how we roll. Helping apprentice your community in living missional - This is how we serve you in the ministry & the mission God has given you.

Want in? 

Let's meet & talk it thrugh to see if God is instigating a partnership. Click on Volunteer Link to get the ball rolling