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1-24-7logo_new24-7 is about mobilizing people for 

 Christ-centered, mission- minded prayer.


We exist to encourage & equip people to go from monologue to dialogue with God - The kind of authentic, adventurous, soul-transformational dialogue that fuels really close friendship with God - The kind of dialogue that puts communion back into communication with God - The kind of communication that influences & empowers all our conversations with the rest of the world.


Our mission is to help get people praying like this – everyone: the entire city, entire congregations, groups of all kinds, & individuals from all over the spiritual map. Those distant from God who may have never prayed before, & those not so distant, but who need help going from prayer hobby or prayer habit... to prayer life.





24-7 Has 5 Main Prayer Initiatives


24-7 Prayer: Facilitating wildly creative & heart wrecking weeks of nonstop prayer in The Prayer Room & at other sites, for churches & groups of all sizes & kinds.


24-7 City Prayer: Joining forces with other local prayer orgs, we're working to help sign on city's faith community to cover Charlotte & its surrounding counties in night & day prayer. 


Prayer Net sign up here.

24-7 Mobile: Taking the prayer room to the streets, the market-place, clubs, bars, & the city's culture centers, from confessionals to communion stops, from prayer booths to dream walls, we set up all kinds of interactive prayer stations in the open spaces, then we watch God move in unexpected ways in these unexpected places.


The Grid: One community at a time, we collectively mobilize churches in each neighborhood in a season of prayer for the footprint they are planted in.

2017 Worship: Calling the city's faith community into a year of collective unbroken worship as an offering to God & in preparation for what God wants to do in our lives personally & in our city missionally. 





24-7 Prayer Room


Open daily for 11.5 years running - A wildly engaging fueling station for the city's spiritually hungry.


Click image for info on the new uptown Prayer Room we recently moved into. It's open to anyone 6 days a week.





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Click Image to discover the effective ways we resource the local church in the arena of prayer.