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Prayer Room

24-7 Prayer Room  is closed for a few weeks to prepare for its move to a new location.




Introducing a fueling station for the city's spiritually hungry.


24-7 has transformed 2000sq ft of warehouse near uptown into a place for you to step out of the fray & refuel. There's no other place like it – anywhere.  Intensely engaging, multi-sensory, & wildly creative, it's sacred space with an urban twist.



Provocative art, great music & books, comfortable furniture, free wifi, & plenty of places to plug in your laptop. Read. Reflect. Refuel. Paint. Study. Worship. Graffiti. Intercede. Draw. Chill, be still - Get some one-on-one with God. There are community spaces for groups, & plenty of personal spaces for just you.  Ancient & modern liturgy stations help you engage in meaningful conversation with God, mission-minded prayer for others, & involvement in issues of social justice around the globe. Go at your own pace, not someone else's. Work. Rest. Pray. Pull aside & encounter God here.

Refuel @24-7  It's a prayer room for people who live in the real world.


Come when you want - Leave when you're ready.

Wide Open Mon-Thur 10am - 8:30pm.   Frid 10-2pm. Sat:10-2pm.  Sunday: 4:30-7:30pm

-24-7 is open 7 days a week, but these times represent hours it's open to the general public-