“You don’t have to travel  to a third-world country

to serve the poor. Look in your own corner of the world,

find your own Calcutta, & pour yourself out into it.”


-Mother Theresa













Justice Project is a grassroots comprehensive community service initiative, wherein 24-7 invites churches, groups, & ordinary Janes & Joes from all over the city to join us in the adoption of one fragile inner-city neighborhood for 9 months of the  year to pour into it all the radical hospitality, relational equity,  & kamikaze servanthood needed in order to improve the quality of life for every single one of its residents.

End Slavery In Charlotte

 a local anti-trafficking initiative


    This effective county-wide initiative helps individuals, groups & orgs of all kinds & sizes get involved in the fight against human trafficking on the local front.


    This internship is for those who want to immerse themselves in learning all about human trafficking to help bring change to this corner of the world. 


    Due to the success of our local antitrafficking initiative, we're  going national at the end of this year to take this great equipping & deploying platform to every state.

Racial Justice

helping the church address racial disparities

  • This arena of 24-7 endeavors to address issues of racial justice in thoughtful, biblical ways that equip & resource individuals & for conversations, changes of heart, and for mind renewal. 

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    This month's series is from Verge offering  content with concepts that are easily  understandable & with  language that helps others grasp the issue with clarity &  offer options for a godly response in the real world.

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    This links to the 24-7 Prayer national website containing a wide variety of well-curated resources addressing the issue of  from a host of well informed leaders expressing a diversity of thought.

In The Margins

  • Christ-centered, prayer-saturated outreach projects to help groups get engage in meaningful service to the city's most marginalized.

  • 24-7 invests in the city's homeless through 3 core partnerships.

    1. Speak Up.   2.Hope Vibes

    3. Watchmen Of the Streets.

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    Encounter Prayer is a six week course which has been created to help those in prison to develop their prayer life.          Learn More