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24-7 is about mobilizing people for

Christ-centered, mission-minded prayer.



We exist to encourage & equip people to go from monologue to dialogue with God - The kind of authentic, adventurous, soul-transformational dialogue that fuels really close friendship with God - The kind of dialogue that puts communion back into communication with God - The kind of communication that influences & empowers all our conversations with the rest of the world.



Our mission is to help get people praying like this.

Everyone: the entire city, entire congregations, groups of all kinds, & individuals from all over the spiritual map.

24-7 Prayer Weeks

Hosting & helping others host wildly creative & heart wrecking weeks & seasons of nonstop prayer in The Prayer Room & at other sites all over the city, for churches & groups of all sizes & kinds. 

 Prayer Rooms 

We create permanent Prayer Rooms with interactive & intensely engaging prayer onramps to serve as public sacred spaces  dedicated to helping city-dwellers get some one-on-one in meaningful  conversation with God  

Prayer Resources

Our movement offers tons of resources to regularly fuel & further the prayer life of individuals, families, groups, & churches.  Great for those who are already into prayer & great for those who aren't

Prayer Events

Every month we offer a variety of ways to dive into new personal prayer & missional prayer experiences. They are listed & updated here.

Prayer Grid


One community at a time, we collectively mobilize churches  in each Charlotte neighborhood for a strategic  season of prayer & personal connection to the residents living in that footprint. Amazing results occur when God is invited to be on the move through the missional collaboration of His people.

Pop-up Prayer

This new work of 24-7 exists to take the prayer room into the streets where people hang out. Using prayer board installations, public confessionals, & mobile prayer spaces parked at festivals, outside of dance clubs,  on campuses, & in city-centers.

Prayer Community

Boiler Room is prayer-centered community made up of those from across denominational lines  who meet 7pm the 1st, 2nd & 3rd Thursday of each month @24-7 to cultivate honest friendships & practice prayerful spiritual disciplines together to sustain abiding & growing in Christ.

Prayer Battle

Different denominations have different names for the specific kind of prayer that's all about bringing a person from a place of deep spiritual bondage to freedom in Christ. We have experienced leaders who carry on this unique deliverance work of Christ.