The strategy is simple: "Move into the neighborhood & go about doing good." We keep things flexible & accessible so that any community, small group, family, or volunteer of any age can serve, no matter where they are on the spiritual map, or what their level of time commitment or skill sets. We also equip & fuel all our volunteers all along the way so that doing good & living missional becomes a lifestyle rather than a fad.

The Justice Project

Relationally drriven

When it comes to living out justice & mercy, opening up your heart is more important than opening up your wallet. And connecting over a cup of coffee, swapping life-stories, & serving with relational equity is as important as serving with sweat equity. JP is relationally-driven because we've found that authentic relationships are the best context for the kind of heart & soul renovations God is on the move to bring about in both those being served & those serving. 

prayer saturated

Prayers of all kinds are facilitated & encouraged in every aspect of serving throughout the year. We think this partnership of justice with loads of prayer is what makes our imperfect, oversimplified, & crazy attempts at unleashing a goodness revolution as effective as they have been.  We work as if it all depends on us, & pray as if it all depends on God.

Intensely effective

We're into the details & the statistics that track how we're doing as a justice movement. Every neighborhood the Justice Project served in experienced an increase in good stats & a decrease in the bad ones.  All but one neighborhood was taken off ‘Fragile/Challenged’ status & moved to ‘Stable Upward Transitioning’ status the following year.  See the Annual Quality Of Life Study for Char/Mecklenburg.

Service Projects

Service Areas: Home repair Home Security. Landscaping.  Tutoring. Budget Counseling. Networking To Gov Agencies. Radical Hospitality Projects. Adopt-A-Family. Mini-Extreme-Home Makeover. Community Building. Uniting & Resourcing The Churches. Facilitating Neighborhood Small Groups of all kinds. Kid/Youth-centered Events ... You get the idea.