A relaxed small gathering for uncensored conversation, spiritual practices, & hot pursuit of God. Honest. Relational. Formational.


    1ST, 2ND, & 3RD, THURSDAYS @7PM


    Stop in and let Prayer Room staff  encourage & strengthen you with prayer or with personal ministry.

    M-W / 10a-12p or by appointment


    All day streaming worship from houses of prayer around the world, open mic prayer, & live reading of Scripture as 'Spoken Word'.


    Saturdays @24-7 

Meet at dusk on the most scenic local rooftops to learn about the city's issues & cover Charlotte in all kinds of Christ-centered prayer  & scripture as the sun sets in the backdrop. 

Next Date:

6:45-7:30pm,  Sat, March 29th


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Dudes talking & tackling the hard stuff. This is a small gathering of guys pursuing God through uncensored  con-versation, dialogue around the words of Jesus, & uncomplicated prayer for each other.  You're welcome to join in on this wild  journey.

Led by Jason Goodnight @24-7

7pm, 2nd Tuesdays monthly 

  • The Pursuit

    40 minutes practicing pursuing God with everything you've got

  • Laid Low

     A down & dirty 40 focused on humility & confession before God

  • Lost & Found

    Praying for others to encounter the gospel & gift of Jesus in 40

  • The Races

    40 minutes hurling up prayers for all kinds of racial equity issues

  The 40 

The 40 helps you dive into prayer around specific themes, within a doable time-frame, in engaging & accessible ways, at a space made just for conversations with God.

7:30am Tuesdays. 10:15am Wednesdays. 4pm Saturdays.

  • shhhh...

    Out of the whirlwind, to chill, be  still & practice the sacred shut up

  • The church

    40 focused on praying for the global, national, & local Church

  • the city

    40 focused on praying for its unique issues & worst hotspots

  • The Nation

    Well, ya know. 




This Metrolina Light Rail Prayer Journey will begin at University City Blvd Station. Led by a great prayer guide, we'll be praying from UNCC to Pineville, stopping at strategic locations & walking in uptown Charlotte. 

9-4pm Thursday August 8th

Begins at University City Blvd Station

Join PD Chief Putney to learn more about the impact city faith leaders can make in our city.  Learn about a community event that took place in June involving leaders in the faith community, private partners & community members that transformed relationships, provided resources & bridged differences. Also, have the opportunity to brainstorm ways this fantastic work could be replicated throughout the city.

July 18, 6-8 p.m.

Johnson & Wales University, Hance Auditorium





A gently guided time crafted to help you slow down, chill & explore themes of silence & stillness as an act of revolution against the speed & noise of this American life.


7-8pm Sat, April 27th

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