Prayer breathes in.
Mission breathes out.
For us, mission is all about the great commission of  "Go & make disciples...", Those who are passionately after God's heart, consistently growing in His likeness, & carrying out His Life's work in the context of their own life's callings. God has uniquely gifted us to help individuals, groups, ministry leaders, & congregations become that kind of apprentice of Jesus by focusing on equipping in all of the spiritual disciplines & formational practices that lead to full surrender to Christ & ongoing heart & soul transformation.  


      Crafting a rule of life.


This seasonal workshop will take you deep & wide to help identify & clarify your personal core values. It helps you discern & articulate a vision about who you are & are called to be & what you value most, in order to establish spiritual practices & life rhythms to live more intentionally & more fully into those highest priorities. 

       Practices & Presence

Monastic Retreats


Spend 3 days with us at a nearby Benedictine monastery practicing a mix of silence, stillness, & times for learning about contemplation & scripture meditation practices that nourish your soul & transform your thinking.

   Unplugging & Sabbath

   Digital Detox

We've created a soulful experience for individuals to unplug for one clutter-free, stripped down day to reconnect with God & with themselves. A day to slow to a full stop, to pray, read, reflect, & engage bite-sized learning sets on how to establish boundaries that stem the tide of your tech addictions in order to pursue a well-fueled addiction to Christ.

    Exploring ancient paths


These nights are designed to help you move through a well designed, easy to engage mix of prayer & practices, liturgy & lessons. These life-altaring evenings focus on slowing people down to get refreshed by God's presence & equipped by the exploration of ancient spiritual practices with a modern twist.




Tailored Spiritual Formation Internships @24-7
Spiritual Formation Communtiy 7pm 1st-3rd Thursdays @24-7
Deploying 24-7 missionaries to serve the local church w/24-7 DNA