A Catalyst For Movements Of Prayer, Mission & Justice.


Sunday May 31st @1pm  the Church in the city is taking to the streets to denounce the evil of racism, to mourn the black lives that have become hashtags, to stand in solidarity for racial equity, & to march for systemic change. 1pm @First Ward

A Call To 24-7 Prayer Across

Charlotte & Mecklenburg County

Join in with countless other local churches, groups, families & individuals for this season of city-wide nonstop 24-7 prayer to flatten the curve & awaken the Church. 

The Essentials


24-7 Prayer is an international, interdenominational prayer movement. We help people encounter God & engage with the needs of the world through Christ-centered prayer, unique & wildly engaging prayer spaces & prayer initiatives, & in social action to champion the cause of the marginalized & the poor. 


We're most known for inspiring & mobilizing prayer in the most likely & least likely places & among the most likely & least likely people.


24-7 Prayer was born in 1999 from one small student-led prayer vigil that God invaded & quickly spread into 100+ nations, touching 2 million people of all ages in over 12 thousand locations, & landing in almost every denomination, Anglican, Catholic, Protestant, Non-denominational & organic expressions of Christian community alike. 


Collectively, prayer has continued non-stop night & day, since that 1st vigil in 1999; putting Christ-centered, mission-minded prayer back at the heart of communities all over the world & leaving a global movement of prayer, mission, & justice in its wake.  One which continually breathes out wild sacred stories of God answering prayers, reconciling & transforming lives, cities, & regions. 



24-7 Prayer / Charlotte launched in 2005 & is

a faithful expression of 24-7 on the local front.

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Location link: 1615 e.5th St. Charlotte, NC 28204